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Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography Early History of Photography Nicéphore Niépce’s earliest surviving photograph from c. 1826 required an eight-hour exposure. Working in conjunction with Louis Daguerre they experimented with silver compounds. Niépce died in 1833 but Daguerre continued the work with the development of the daguerreotype in 1837. Hercules Florence had already created a very similar process in 1832.… Read More »

Art Museums – UK

The first museum to open to the public was The British Museum in London 1759. It was a universal museum with varied collections covering archaeology, art, applied art, anthropology, history and science. The Louvre in Paris, France, was established in 1793, after the French Revolution when the royal treasures were declared for the people. In Poland, The Czartoryski… Read More »

Art Museums – Scandinavia

Scandinavia Art Museums Denmark Statens Museum for Kunst Louisiana Arken Museum for Moderne Kunst Museet for samtidskunst Trapholt Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Horsens Kunstmuseum Herning Kunstmuseum Vejle Kunstmuseum ARoS Kunstmuseum Aarhus Bornholms Kunstmuseum Den Hirschsprungske Samling Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum Ordrupgaard Skagens Museum Sönderjylland Kunstmuseum Art Museums Norway Astrup Fearnly Museet for Moderne Kunst Munch Museet Stenersen Museet Nasjonalmuseet + Museet… Read More »

Art Exhibitions

Art exhibitions are the space in which art objects meet their audience. The exhibit is understood to be for a temporary period unless it is a “permanent exhibition”. UK Serpentine Gallery Whitechapel Gallery Barbican South London Gallery Institute of Contemporary Arts Camden Arts Centre Southbank Centre Gasworks Jerwood Space Ikon Gallery Modern Art Oxford Leeds City Art Gallery… Read More »

Image composition – 2

Image composition, stable, instable, diagonal, powerful and spiral composition.   Stable A triangle with its base pointing down is the most stable picture composition. This was very common during the Renaissance. Example: Giovanni Battista Piazzetta (1683-1754) Instable A composition based on a triangle with the base pointing upwards will be considered instable. This can be a way to… Read More »


Art World News, Art News Daily, News in Art, Artfacts, Reviews and Education. artreview.com artreview.com is an exciting new social networking site for the artworld, creating a global forum for discussion, interactivity and debate. artreview.com is a unique blend of editorial and community content, combining the insight and critical weight of some of today’s most important artworld voices… Read More »

Timeline – History of Art

Timeline Art History Year Cave paintings ► Chauvet ► Lascaux ca 30 000 BC – ca 15 000 BC Rock Carvings ► Rock Carvings, World Heritage ca 1500 BC – ca 500 BC Egypt ► Egyptian Museum ► Ancient Egypt, British Museum ► KV-63, tomb chamber ► UNESCO:s World Heritage ca 2000 BC – 0 Greece ► Ancient… Read More »

Art Museum – Japan, Australia

Australia National Museum of Australia National Gallery of Australia Canberra Contemporary Art Art Gallery of New South Wales Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery National Gallery of Victoria Africa Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum Japan The National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto Kyoto National Museum Center for Contemporary Art The National Museum of… Read More »

Art movements I – N

Art Movements I – N Art movements A – F – abstract art, non-figurative art, expressionism, art brut, raw art, outsider art, cubism, dadaism, fauvism, fluxus, futurism. Art movements O – S – Op Art, Pop Art, Postmodernism, Realism, Suprematism, Surrealism, Symbolism.   Claude Monet – Impression, Soleil levant, 1872. Impressionism Impressionism was a 19th century art movement.… Read More »